Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Download Samsung Galaxy S Gingerbread ROM

With an official Android Gingerbread upgrade sentenced later this month, could Samsung Galaxy S 2.3.2 Android users tasting faster than expected after what appears to be an official ROM leak Gingerbread Internet ahead of schedule.

The update was noted by the German site who said Android SmartDroid ROM features Samsung's TouchWiz UI customization 4 but it is still in beta.

Slashgear adding that the update only works with the GT-i900 original model, which is the European model, which means that owners of one of the many variants Samsung  Galaxy S in other regions will hang up that the official update is released.

The update to match the S Galaxy takes advantage of the ext4 filesystem. Before, the smartphone used RFS, which has been found to be slow at times and would freeze phone operations for small periods whilst it accessed on-board storage.

You can download the update here, but we recommend that you wait for the official update is released, so it does not increase the risk of bricking the device. We are not responsible for damage, if you decide to use this ROM.