Monday, July 16, 2012

Motorola Sued by Fujifilm over patents used on Android handsets

Fujifilm is suing Motorola, alleging that the company has illegally infringed on four of Fuji’s patents in the production of Motorola’s Android phones. Fuji claims that a large number of Motorola’s handsets are involved. The patents are Patent #6,144,763 Patent #6,915,119, Patent #7,327,886 and Patent #5,734,427.

Fuji claims the ’763 patent alone was illegally used on 23 Motorola Android handsets. The patents all deal with imaging and communications. For example, image conversion, face detection and devices communicating with other devices “over a path other than the telephone network.” These are very broad complaints. That means that Motorola might have an easy time defending this in court.
We will have to see how this goes. As usual in these cases, it might have been better for Fuji to just keep doing their business and making better products instead of wasting time with this case and suing.